Yoga has been the reason behind my life awakening and transforming. I was intrigued by yoga in my late teens, and took a hand full of yoga classes at different gyms. In my 20s I lost interest in yoga and then lost time when I gave birth to my daughter in 2009. In Spring of 2016 yoga reemerged for me at the age of 31. I was spending some much needed time with my sister and she literally had to talk me into doing a 15 minute yoga session (by SarahBethYoga on YouTube). I remember after finishing the sequence, feeling great and amazing and asked her to share the video with me. I did that routine daily and begin to do other videos by SarahBethYoga, eventually making yoga almost a daily part of my life. I began inviting friends, neighbors, and anyone who wanted to join me in doing yoga.

As soon as I began creating the time in my day to move my body (yoga), my life began to change. In Spring of 2017 I left my corporate job at Chase, along with the great insurance, 401K, and 4 weeks of vacation, to work as a server by making more money but working half the hours. I spent my summer serving and talking to anyone, who would listen, about yoga and how amazing it made me feel! I continued doing yoga, A LOT OF YOGA!! That Fall I parted ways with my server job and took the next 3 months to embark on a self inquiry journey to learn about and discover myself on a deeper level and to learn more about who I was. I ended up going through an intense and deep self realization that I was enough, I was right where I needed to be, that I could let go of depending on others for happiness, support, and protection. I discovered that I was my own creator and I fully realized that life was exactly what I put into it. So I continued to do yoga….

In early 2018, the thought of becoming a yoga teacher never crossed my mind until several different people, who are close to me, mentioned to me that I should be a yoga teacher. The wheels started turning and I imagined what it would be like to share my passion of yoga with others and to bring an income from doing what gives me joy and passion. I began to research different yoga teacher trainings in the Vancouver/Portland area and none of them called to me or seemed to be the right fit. I ended up finding the perfect training opportunity in Costa Rica that not only would get me my 200hr certificate but also establish my business website, along with sales/marketing and nutrition coaching! I spent that whole year working, teaching group yoga and 1:1 sessions, and eventually getting a second job all so I could make my Costa Rica trip happen.

A few months before I left for my training, I parted ways with my boyfriend of 3 years and in January 2019 I traveled alone to Costa Rica with no expectations, just ready to learn and receive what lay ahead for me. It was the most amazing, life transforming experience ever! Being surrounded by Costa Rica’s high vibe energy allowed me to deeply awaken to my passion and to my life’s journey and mission.

Today I find joy and gratitude by sharing my passion of yoga with others. I enjoy teaching groups as well as doing yoga 1:1 sessions. My biggest joy is hearing my clients tell me that they feel great, energized, and more alive after having done 1 yoga session and even better is when they feel called to incorporate yoga as a part of their daily life.

I live in Vancouver, WA with my 9 yr old daughter Angelina, our cat named Black Cat, and our 4 chickens. I maintain a certified “Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary” by WSDFW. I enjoy pesticide-free gardening to support pollinator habitat and my growing mason bee colony. I support wildlife through seed feeders and hummingbird feeders. Most of all, I enjoy doing yoga in my backyard on a sunny day while my daughter is chasing the chickens.

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